Member Registration Spring 2017

The following 3 step process allows you to 1) register, 2) indicate items you are purchasing and 3) complete the process by paying with PayPal, a Credit Card, or check. NOTE: When paying by PayPal or Credit Card your total will include the transaction fee charged by PayPal or the bank.   If paying by check, write you ORDER number on your check and mail it to the office:  see more information in Step 3 below.

  1. Fill in the Registration Information and click on the “Register and Accept” button provided at the end  of step 1.
  2. Next, select tuition and music that you want to add to your shopping cart.  NOTE: There are NO refunds on music after it’s purchased.
  3. After you mark your choices, select “View Cart” to start the checkout process.   Confirm that the quantity of each item is correct before you proceed to checkout.  Choose to pay electronically or by check.  If paying by check, write your ORDER number on your check and mail it our office:  San Jose Symphonic Choir, 1100 Shasta Avenue, San Jose, CA 95126

Step 1: Provide Registration Information

Read the Member Commitment Statement, then fill in the registration Information and click on the “Register and Accept” button provided at the end of Step 1.

When we register, we become part of a group whose sound is shaped by Leroy for our performances.  Because knowing the size of the choir and hearing the balance between sections during rehearsals is essential, each member’s presence is valued, and each member’s commitment to SJSC is of critical importance. 

Knowing the number of people who will be on stage for our concerts also makes it possible to do the necessary logistical planning for the various venues.

Therefore, I accept responsibility for learning the music – both through attendance at all rehearsals, and on my own between rehearsals – and am indicating my intention to sing at all concert performances this season.

In the event that unexpected circumstances arise that require me to miss a rehearsal or a concert, I will let my section leader know as soon as possible.

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Click on "Register and Accept" to register and accept the Member Commitment statement. Then proceed to Step 2

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Step 2: Select Items to Purchase

Note:   Check your music library before ordering; there are NO refunds on music after purchase.

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Step 3: Click on View Cart to start electronic or check payment.

Confirm that the quantity of each item is correct before you “Proceed to Checkout”.  When you select “Proceed to Checkout” you can then indicate if you want to pay electronically and a transaction fee will be applied, or by check  (use the check option if you are using your bank’s Bill Pay service) and no transaction fee will be applied.  Note: If you use your bank’s Bill Pay service (rather than writing the check yourself), make a note on your printed registration form saying the check will arrive separately and mail the form to our office:  San Jose Symphonic Choir, 1100 Shasta Avenue. San Jose, CA 95126

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