Sing With Us

We welcome new singers!

Thinking about auditioning? Here are three compelling reasons to join SJSC:

1. Our Choir is more than a choir of experienced singers: we are a genuinely caring musical family, dedicated to lifting the spirits of our community, sharing our devotion to music, and supporting causes that help people.

2. Our performances are diverse, both in selection and location.   We perform both classic and contemporary pieces.  We have performed in local venues and on tours within California and in cities around the world.

3. Our Maestro is an inspirational teacher, with expertise in music theory, history, and classic and choral masterworks.  He is an expert pianist, conductor, and accomplished vocal soloist.  You will find every rehearsal to be educational.  


Cindy recounts her decision to audition for SJSC one year ago.

Please contact the SJSC Office Manager at (408) 995-3318 to schedule your audition at either of these locations or email us at  

San Jose Auditions:
Dates: Monday, January 13, & January 20, 2020
Time:   6:00-7:00 PM
Place:   Westminster Presbyterian Church
            1100 Shasta Ave.
            San Jose, CA 95126
Monterey Auditions:
Dates: January 12, 2020 
Time:   6:30 – 7:00 PM
Place:   First United Methodist Church
            915 Sunset Dr.
            Pacific Grove , CA 93950

Your audition will be with Maestro Kromm, usually for 5-10 minutes. 

You are encouraged to bring a selection of music that demonstrates your voice at its best. Solo pieces with piano accompaniment are best. If a solo selection is not possible, you will be asked to sing a familiar song such as AmericaSilent Night or Amazing Grace.  

Acceptance to SJSC is based on the following factors:

  • Ability to sing on pitch;
  • Ability to sing with a pleasant, resonant tone quality;
  • Ability to sing within a reasonable range of the voice part;
  • Demonstration of musicality and musicianship, and;
  • Willingness to sing in multiple languages.

Your audition may include sight singing and tonal memory.

Try singing along with this recording of Now I Walk in Beauty. It is a 4 part round, so you can sing with your part. Listen once and then listen again and sing or hum along.

Tonal memory is the ability to listen to a short melody or phrase of music played on the piano, and then sing the same phrase alone without the piano.

Sight singing is the ability to sing written music at first sight.  Sight singing involves understanding pitch, including the ability to hear a specific pitch in the mind (also called audiation).